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The Hope for Dystonia
Self-Healers Club

Introducing Hope for Dystonia's Group Coaching Program

First cohort enrolling now and starting on May 13, 2023. 

You've got the power

Hope for Dystonia's message is simple: this is your body, and you have the freedom and capacity to heal. Many of us have known it all along: dystonia is not just a matter of a spasming muscle here and there. Rather, it is a whole-person disorder, a cry for help by body, mind and soul. A true path to wholeness must take all of you into account, and empower you to be in charge.

If you feel called to heal holistically, and are ready to take charge of the process, Hope for Dystonia's Self-Healers' Club is for you. 

The Hope for Dystonia Self-Healers Club will meet ten times, on Saturdays from May 13th to July 15th, 2023, from 11am to 1pm EDT (17:00-19:00h in Berlin, 18:00-20:00h in Jerusalem). We will meet in a small group: 15 people maximum, so please secure your spot early. 

We will build a safe container for you to share, be heard and supported as you set out on the project of rewiring your nervous system towards healing. Here are some of the topics we will cover (please note that the schedule and list of topics are subject to change): 


Ten transformative weeks

  • How to map out your own cranial nerves using common, everyday tools. 

    • Understanding which ones of your cranial nerves are overused and which ​ones are underused by your brain can help you awaken the sleepy ones and let go of the ones causing spasms. 

  • How to regulate your nervous system through breathing and meditation (yes, you can do this even when you're in pain or dysregulated!)

    • Learn to move away from chronic fight, flight, freeze and fawn - the states of traumatic reactivity - and towards regulation.

  • How to promote neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to learn new, functional patterns.

  • How to safely microdose psilocybin mushrooms  (where legal and medically cleared) to help induce neuroplasticity.

  • How to evacuate stuck trauma energy in the nervous system.

  • How to use self-compassion to heal trauma, both recent and from childhood.

  • How to help the body detoxify heavy metals and other toxicity gently usin nutrient-rich plant-based foods. 

  • How to organize the nervous system in new functional patterns through rhythm and movement.

  • How to address TMJ imbalances and cranial strains with dentists and allied practitioners while minimizing risks of complications and supporting your nervous system. 

  • ... and much more! 

Meet your instructor:

Federico Petrelli (Fede).

At one point in life, dystonia prevented me from speaking, chewing and walking for more than a few minutes at a time. I got my life back by developing an original, comprehensive and coherent Recovery Roadmap, which I now
 share to help others get their lives back as well. I am a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and I am passionate about the healing power of presence and compassion. Read some of the testimonials below to know what it's like to work with me. 

My career requires me to run, jump and be physically active. When my dystonia symptoms got bad I thought I'd have to give it all up and no amount of PT was resolving it. Thanks to Federico I understood that it's all about the mind and how it uses the body. Now I have powerful tools to keep getting better and live my life.

Drew C., Anaheim, CA, USA

Is this for you? 

The Hope for Dystonia Self-Healers Club is for you if: 


✅ You are ready to take responsibility for your own healing;

✅ You are ready to courageously inquire into what is happening in your body and mind;

✅ You have cervical, generalized, facial or oro-mandibular dystonia (i.e. your symptoms are in your head and neck and/or the entire body) and you have acquired this over the course of your life;

✅ You are open to exploring new healing modalities;

✅ You would enjoy and benefit from the support of a safe group container. 

This is not for you if: 

🚫 You expect to be "cured" by someone else;

🚫 You are not willing to look at difficult parts of your experience, including thoughts, emotions and behaviours;

🚫 You are not willing to try new things;

🚫 You have had the same kind of dystonia (usually in a limb) since you were little;

🚫  You have focal dystonia in a limb, e.g. musician's dystonia (most of the information would apply to you too but the focus on the head would be a bit off). 

If you register before May 1st, your investment in yourself for these ten weeks is CAD $1195, including all applicable taxes and fees. This comes out to about USD $877 and EUR €797 as of May 2, 2023. 

Your investment

Let's get to know each other

The Hope for Dystonia Self-Healers Club is a space for deep work, authentic connection and constant challenge. It makes sense that we'd want to get to know each other a bit first, right? 

For this reason, I'm asking that you book a free consultation here before signing up (the CA$10 deposit is refunded after the call): we'll get half an hour to discuss the program, how it may benefit you, and answer any questions you may have. After the call, sign up using the form below. 

I look forward to having you among us! 

Excited to get started? 
Sign up here:

The admission fee is CAD$1195.

Thanks for registering! Check your inbox for more info in the coming days!

The Eight Steps of the Hope for Dystonia Recovery Roadmap

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