Recovering neurophysiological function

... instead of just masking symptoms. Hope is here.

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The road

to your recovery

Understanding, awakening and integrating: these are the three most important steps in your neurological recovery. What nerves and muscles is your brain avoiding or underutilizing? Which, instead, are overused to compensate for the others? In our work together you will learn tools to help your brain find its way back to all parts of your body, and then integrate new, functional patterns into daily life.

Federico's story

My dystonia recovery journey has been long and arduous, and it has taught me a lot. I have spent years eating soft food because I couldn't chew, avoiding social engagement because I couldn't speak, and spent entire months in bed waiting for the pain to go away. My TMJs were completely dysfunctional and were throwing my entire body out of whack.

Fortunately, I did not give up. 

I have combined some of the most effective elements in the dystonia recovery programs out there with cutting-edge neurophysiological techniques and time-tested mindfulness and lovingkindess skills. 

Nothing brings me more joy than the knowledge that my pain has produced a valuable tool for others to get their lives back. 


"I was going from doctor to doctor but could not get the right diagnosis or a solution to my problem. [...] I found [Federico] to be a person who knows exactly and understands your suffering, not one who looks and analyzes everything from the side. He's been through it and he gets it. Right away, he gave me  the feeling that he is someone I can trust. [...] I find myself eagerly awaiting the meetings with Federico and know that without him, I would be in a very, very bad place in life."

Galit S., Israel

Man with Mustache

"A year ago, a dentist filed down the teeth on the left side of my mouth, which totally destabilized my bite. Beyond the consequences on TMJs, this caused a set of chain reactions, including a multitude of physical and neurological symptoms (dystonia among others). [...] I think [Federico] is one of the few people who can claim a deep understanding of the subject as a whole. [...] This comprehensive re-education of the body, or rather of the way our brain communicates with our body, by reappropriating proprioception and balancing the nervous system is the method that gives me the most results, and therefore hope in the face of this ordeal. [...] Federico’s [work] is extremely beneficial and effective, and seems essential to me."

François M., France


"I have neck dystonia and dysphonia. With the method Federico taught me, the dysphonia improved significantly. I am also seeing improvements in my spasmodic torticollis. I really like Federico's approach and value his patience."

Ran W., China